New York Times frontpage: my fixing work

Dusted off my journalism work to provide fixing services on this story by the New York Times published online yesterday, which made their newspaper front page today (scroll down).

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One of the persons interviewed was Varun Baker and his Ganjagram project, which was featured a couple of times previously on this blog:

Instagram vs Ganjagram: social network giant cracks down on Jamaican app developer
Ganjagram: The App That Gets You High & Legal

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‘Social CEOs’ in Jamaica…I found one!

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

In fairness there’s more than one. But the other day I was given a challenge to write a social media guide for local CEOs.

This post I published just now isn’t necessarily a guide, but attempts to outline some of the opportunities that are already available. My (brief) interaction with one CEO in particular certainly gives grounds for optimism.


UNICEF Blog: Pick-Ni Cherry artist takes on dark secret of child sexual abuse

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Just published an interview I did with young author-illustrator-artist Kerron Clarke on the UNICEF Jamaica blog, about her illustrated novel Pick-Ni Cherry. The as-yet-unpublished novel is Kerron’s very personal attempt to warn children, families and society about sexual abuse happening within the home.

Herself a survivor of abuse, Kerron tells the story in a child’s voice, attempting to put us in the shoes of the most vulnerable and abused members of society. More than 1 in 5 Jamaican girls report forced sex. In many cases, the perpetrators aren’t strangers lurking in the dark. They are family members who are trusted and unsuspected.

Read the full interview here.